Everyone is special regardless of their age, race, gender, or beliefs. Our goal is to reveal the wonders in you.

Unique designs define us.

Being one-of-a-kind is the source of all that is special. Our designs are made from our own creative hearts and minds to reach your desire.

Amazing Customer Service, REALLY!

Our customer service is second to none. Whether by email, Skype or even one-to-one chat on our website, we are there to help you at all hours of the day and night.

Multiple Currencies and Languages

With 5 different site languages, 3 different usable currencies, and cheap shipping to over 170 countries, we are the go-to international service.

GREAT products & HIGH-quality printing

We work with awesome brands to offer you a wide list of products, styles, colours and we only use the best suppliers and printing techniques.

At Offwix, our mission is to inspire you in making statements and celebrating moments with tee.

Offwix is a tee-making brand since 2020. Over the years, we have sold out thousands of t-shirt America and worldwide on our own eCommerce platform.

Our decorative printed t-shirts can be used either for gifting purposes or to adorn houses, gardens, offices, schools, churches, etc. If you look further for other products aside from tee, we also offer signs, door covers, hoodies, vehicle wraps, ornaments,…

We manage to cover all stages of our business process, including coming up with the very inceptive design ideas, supply sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, shipping, and customer support.


We make flags that stand out in terms of fabric quality, graphic depiction, and art.

All of our works focus on providing our customers with a unique chance to express their thoughts, beliefs, honor, desires, joy, and pride. We simply believe in celebrating daily moments and inspiring people. Whether you are in need of a flag to show off your lifestyle or to celebrate a specific holiday, we have those options in high quality and vibrant art!


Our products honor special individuals in life. Graduation, Mother’s Day, Patriot Day, Veterans Day, etc. are the occasions Offwix talks about through flags, tee. Interestingly enough, if you love to “give some credit” to your feline or canine friends, we include those options as well.


Holidays play an important part in the majority of folks, so they definitely give us ideas. We offer flags inspired by St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, etc.


Differences make us special. To celebrate it is accepting them into our lives and fulfilling what we shall become. Our flags, therefore, raise a voice for Autism and the LGBTQ+ community.


Our faith is what gives us the ability to have hopes. Once we still embrace it, we are strong enough to go over challenges. Our Christian flags are made to speak that fact and to spread God’s words.

TEES are how you honor life.

Offwix has inspired thousands of folks across Western countries to speak their sentiments through our flags, tees. Join our journey. Share your values. We are committed to helping you shine!