RAW is War Retro Shirt

RAW is War Retro Shirt

This RAW is War Retro Shirt is the perfect way to show your love for the classic wrestling show. This shirt is made from 100% cotton and features a classic design that will take you back to the days of the Attitude Era. The shirt features a black and white design with the iconic RAW is War logo in the center. The logo is surrounded by a red and yellow border, giving it a classic look. The shirt also features a ribbed crew neckline and short sleeves for a comfortable fit. This shirt is perfect for any wrestling fan and is sure to be a hit at any wrestling event. Show your love for the classic show with this RAW is War Retro Shirt.

RAW is War Retro Shirt
RAW is War Retro Shirt
RAW is War Retro Shirt
RAW is War Retro Tee-Shirts

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